In the accident where a tour boat sank off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, the Japan Coast Guard conducted an intensive search over a wide area around Kunashir Island in the northern territories on the 30th.

So far, no clue has been found that could lead to the discovery of the missing person, and we are planning to strengthen our posture and continue the search for 31 days.

On April 23, 14 passengers were killed in the accident where the tour boat "KAZU 1" sank off the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula, and the whereabouts of 12 people are still unknown.

From the 29th to the 3rd, the Japan Coast Guard is strengthening its posture and intensively searching for missing persons.

On the 30th, about 10 ships and aircraft of related organizations such as the Japan Coast Guard and the Self-Defense Forces searched a wide range from the area around the Shiretoko Peninsula to the area around Kunashir Island in the northern territories, and the Rausu Town side of the Shiretoko Peninsula. Then the local fishing boat also cooperated in the search.

As of 5 pm, no clues have been found leading to the discovery of the missing person.

The Japan Coast Guard will make a decision on its future posture based on an intensive search until the 31st.

The Japan Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the accident, such as investigating the hull lifted from the seabed, and will continue to investigate on suspicion of accidental fatalities in business, such as voluntarily asking the president of the operating company about the situation. ..

The hull is scheduled to be landed at Abashiri Port on the 1st, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is also adjusting to open it to the family on the 1st.