The vaccination of Novabax, the fourth new corona vaccine in Japan, has begun at a large-scale vaccination site in Tokyo.

The vaccine, developed by the American pharmaceutical company Nuvaxovid, was approved in April and added to public vaccination on May 25.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government started inoculation at two large-scale inoculation venues on the 30th, and at the venue set up in the observation room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, people who had made a reservation in advance visited and received the inoculation.

The Novabax vaccine has a different mechanism from Pfizer and Moderna, and is expected to be given to people who have had an allergic reaction with previous vaccines or who have hit AstraZeneca up to the second time.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the venue of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a reservation frame for 40 people a day for the first and second vaccinations, and until next Sunday, it is all filled, while the reservation frame for the third time Means that about half of the 160 people are free.

A man in his thirties who received the vaccination said, "I had a fever after the first and second vaccinations and it was hard work, so I thought that I should suppress the side reactions as much as possible in the third time, and the side reactions were better than other vaccines. I chose Novavacs, which is said to have few doses. I hope that by hitting the third time, the range of actions will be broadened. "