Seungri, a former member of Big Bang, who was sentenced to imprisonment for prostitution brokerage and overseas gambling, was kicked out of Instagram.

Seungri's Instagram account (@seungriseyo) has been deleted as of today (30th) noon.

Currently, when accessing the corresponding Instagram account, 'Sorry.

The page is not available' message.

Earlier, Seungri stopped uploading Instagram after announcing his retirement in March 2019, but his previous posts and account followers of 8.14 million remained.

However, as Instagram policy prohibits the creation and use of accounts by sex offenders, the account of Seungri, who was convicted, was virtually forcibly deleted by making the first post private and the second account deactivation.

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

Seungri was indicted on nine counts, including habitual gambling and violating the Prostitution Punishment Act (prostitution, prostitution brokerage, camera use, etc.)

Seungri, who was imprisoned in the Armed Forces Penitentiary as an unconvicted prisoner, was transferred to a civilian prison, where he will spend the remainder of his sentence until February next year. .

Meanwhile, Ko Young-wook, who was imprisoned on charges of sexual assault and forced molestation of a minor, and Choi Jong-hoon and Jung Joon-young, who were sentenced to prison for gang rape, also had their Instagram accounts deactivated.