News from this newspaper (Reporter Gao Shuang) The reporter learned from the Tianjin Children's Art Troupe that the troupe "presents gifts with dramas" and meets with children in an online theater. Next Monday, the "Tell Chinese Stories Well, Celebrate 'June 1' in the Cloud" line will start. In the public welfare live broadcast week, 5 excellent children's plays were selected and airborne in the Tianjin Children's Art Troupe's Douyin live broadcast room to accompany children during the festival.

  At 10:30 on May 30, the large-scale children's musical "Dream Baby" was the first to appear.

The play fully takes into account the aesthetic characteristics of the current stage plays for children and children, and takes Mengwa as the theme. The national spirit presented also enriches the spiritual connotation of Mengwa, a cute little girl, and fully incorporates the spirit of the Chinese nation into the plot. The plot develops Occasionally brings tears to my eyes.

  On May 31, the large-scale musical myth drama "Looking for Hailibu" will be launched.

The main creative team of the play is all powerful: screenwriter Xie Tao, director Ma Lu, assistant directors Qi Lihua, Zhuang Ying, stage designer Wang Weizhong, Lu Liuqing, Zhao Jing and other actors starring.

In terms of the performance of the repertoire, the main creators eclectically use various elements such as puppets, musicals, dramas, and dramas to express the hearts of the characters, reproduce the Mongolian customs, and reflect the beauty of Hailibu's soul.

  From June 1st to 3rd, three children's dramas "Childhood on the Fingertips", "Tiger Harry" and "Fisher Boy" will be launched.

"Childhood at the Fingertips" unfolds with the story of a family of four, draws out contradictions from the generation gap between mother and child, reflects the common educational problems in contemporary families, and uses the perspective of children to bring out the changes in people's lives since the reform and opening up. Psychological changes and technological changes.

Harry the Tiger is a narrative musical.

The main purpose of the play is to explore the commonality and heterogeneity between human nature and animal nature in all things in nature, and to find the true meaning and essence of love.

The children's drama "Fisher Boy" shows the Tianjin people's hard-working, tenacious and persevering spirit through traditional Tianjin folk stories.