[Explanation] On May 28, at a blind medical massage parlor in Changchun, Jilin Province, Wu Tie was busy giving massage lessons to blind students.

In class, Wu Tie was able to communicate with the students by following the sound, which seemed to be no different from a normal person.

  Sometimes gently kneading, sometimes carefully touching the bones, elbow pressing, pressing acupoints and other actions, the students quickly found the exact location of each meridian and acupoint on the body.

  Wu Tie, born in 1988, is a blind massage therapist. Unfortunately, he suffered from eye disease in the second year of junior high school and was diagnosed with a first-degree visual disability. He had to drop out of school because of his excellent grades.

  Although the world in his eyes became blurred after that, Wu Tie did not admit defeat.

At the suggestion of his uncle, 17-year-old Wu Tie began to study Chinese medicine massage assiduously.

  【Concurrent】Massage Wu Tie

  In those years, I recorded it on tape, and then I went back and played and listened to what the teacher said repeatedly, and repeatedly searched for the meridians and acupoints on my own body. It took hundreds of thousands of times. ground) to find this point.

  [Explanation] Wu Tie said that in the three years of professional training, his massage skills have been qualitatively improved.

In 2008, he opened a massage shop for the blind, and provided free door-to-door massages for poor residents and hemiplegic patients in the community, and gave them rehabilitation guidance.

  In the following ten years, many people with disabilities came to "learn lessons" from Wu Tie, and Wu Tie taught them his skills for free without reservation.

At present, he has brought nearly 100 disabled people into employment, and some disabled people have successfully started their own businesses through hard work.

  Now, every day, blind students learn massage techniques in Wu Tie's shop. From the explanation of meridians and acupuncture points to the practical operation, Wu Tie teaches by hand.

Although every day is busy, life is more fulfilling.

  Wu Tie said that his biggest wish is to open a massage training school to help more people.

He said that although his eyes are not clear, he can still shine, contribute to society, and send light and warmth to others.

  【Concurrent】Massage Wu Tie

  In the process of my study, I got the help of many people in the society.

So, now that I have the ability, I will do my best to help the visually impaired and disabled people around me, so that they can find the value and meaning of their existence, so that they can integrate into the society well. .

  Reporter Sun Boyan reports from Changchun

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]