After the Great East Japan Earthquake, "Fukuko City", which started in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, celebrated its 100th anniversary on the 29th, and was crowded with many people from the morning.

This "Fukuko City" was held almost every month from the month following the earthquake in the Shizugawa district of Minamisanriku Town in an attempt to regain the vitality of the town damaged by the earthquake, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was held in January last year. The 99th time of was not opened at the end.

The executive committee held the 100th city on the 29th, saying that the infection situation had settled down, and in addition to local agricultural cooperatives and fishery processing companies, about 30 groups from inside and outside the prefecture such as Yamagata and Okayama prefectures opened stores.

At the venue, the first 1000 people were served oysters and scallops from the local area for free, and the visitors were enjoying them.

A man in his twenties who visited said, "I think everyone's thoughts on reconstruction have continued since the earthquake. The oysters in Minamisanriku are also deliciously entertained."

Masafumi Yamauchi, chairman of the executive committee, said, "I am very grateful that so many people have come. I would like to think about new events every 100 times."