The daytime heat has been with us all weekend, and here's a rain forecast to cool it down.

The rain has started in the southern part of the country now, and it will spread to the whole country overnight and continue until tomorrow (30th).

The amount is not much at 5-10mm, but it may be a little noisy tomorrow afternoon with a thunderstorm in the central and northern regions.

As it rains, the heat will subside.

Tomorrow, the highest daytime temperature in Seoul will recover to 25 degrees, and the daytime temperature in Gyeongju, the hottest place today, will remain at 26 degrees.

Most of the dry weather warnings currently in the eastern provinces will be lifted as it rains to and fro tomorrow.

Also, there will be thick fog along the west and south coasts, but strong winds also blow on Jeju Island and Jeollanam-do, so you should check the facilities well.

From the day after tomorrow, clear skies will be revealed again, and on Election Day, the daytime heat will rise again amid clear skies.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)