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A Georgian man who participated in the Ukrainian war as an international voluntary force claimed that YouTuber Lee Geun, a former captain of the UDT/SEAL, made a big contribution in the war.

A Georgian volunteer called Odinson, recently asked about Lee Geun on his social media account, said, "Lee Geun was the leader of the special forces, and we all trusted him and his leadership. We have successfully completed many missions.”

Odins also replied, "I didn't know Lee Geun was famous until I saw the article on the Internet. He was humble and brave. He never boasted about his fame."

This was a completely different argument from the claim that Geun Lee went to Ukraine with a cameraman and lived comfortably in a hotel on the Polish border, not on the battlefield, and filmed for show.

On the 27th, the day that flutist Songpine tree Lee Geun, who is working for aid in Ukraine, returned to his home country, "One thing is certain, Captain Lee Geun accomplished the achievement of destroying more than 10 tanks, and in addition to that, he performed numerous secret missions almost perfectly." (Lee Geun's performance) was recognized through the Ukrainian intelligence service, and through the Ukrainian Defense Minister, we could hear how much he accomplished. claimed.

On the 27th, Lee Geun was injured during the war and entered Incheon International Airport.

It had been about three months since he left for Ukraine without permission to participate in the war in early March.

The police plan to investigate Lee Geun on charges of violating the passport law.

The investigation period was decided in consideration of Lee's treatment progress and health condition.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)