Two houses collapsed, casualties caused by landslide in Wuping, Fujian

  Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, May 28 (Reporter Qin Hong) The reporter learned from the Wuping County Government Information Office that from the evening of May 26, concentrated heavy rainfall occurred in Wuping County, Longyan City, Fujian Province.

The resulting landslide caused the collapse of a factory in the county, killing five people, and the collapse of another house, killing three people.

Up to now, the search and rescue work of two on-site personnel has been completed, and the aftermath work is in progress.

  According to the monitoring by the meteorological emergency department of Wuping County, since the evening of the 26th in Shifang Town, Wuping County, the 24-hour rainfall has reached 221.3mm, and the process rainfall and hourly rainfall have exceeded the historical extremes.

The heavy rainfall also affected many towns and 9,700 people in Wuping County to varying degrees.

According to the preliminary statistics of Wuping County, the disaster caused 3,106 mu of crops to be damaged, 1,070 mu of crops failed, 272 landslides and 39 houses collapsed.

7 roads in the county were interrupted in 57 places, irrigation facilities were damaged in 10 places, and communications were interrupted in 4 places; 137 units of special distribution transformers were out of power; a total of 1,612 people were transferred and resettled in the county.

  According to the Wuping County Government Information Office, after the disaster, the local emergency rescue and rescue headquarters was established to coordinate and organize emergency rescue, fire rescue, electric power, communication, transportation and other rescue forces, and carried out rescue work.