China News Service, Guangzhou, May 28 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​The reporter learned from the Pearl River Water Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources (hereinafter referred to as the "Pearl River Commission") on the 28th that since May 26, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places in the central and western Pearl River Basin have fallen. It was heavy to heavy rain. Affected by the rainfall, as of the 27th, there were 9 rivers in the basin that had exceeded the warning flood.

In view of the current flood control situation in the basin, the Pearl River Commission has launched a level IV emergency response to flood and drought disaster prevention.

  According to the Pearl River Commission, during the heavy rainfall in the Pearl River Basin, as of the 27th, the maximum rainfall was 253 mm in Laibin Datang in Guangxi and 172 mm in Mabao in Wenshan, Yunnan.

Affected by the rainfall, 9 rivers including Mengjiang River and Qingshui River experienced excessive floods. Among them, Qingshui River in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, and Shikui River, a tributary, experienced excessive floods.

  According to the forecast of the Meteorological and Hydrological Department, in the next three days, the rainfall will continue in most parts of the Xijiang River Basin, and there will still be moderate to heavy rain in eastern Yunnan and most of Guangxi.

Affected by this, the Hongshui River, Youjiang River, Liujiang River and other rivers will experience a significant flooding process, and some medium and small rivers in the rainstorm area may experience excessive flooding.

  The relevant person in charge of the Pearl River Commission said that the commission will maintain daily consultations to study and judge the flood control situation in the basin in the near future, closely track the development and changes of rainwater conditions in the basin, monitor the dispatching and operation of large and medium-sized reservoirs in the basin in real time, and strengthen cooperation with relevant provincial (autonomous region) water conservancy departments, electric power and other departments to jointly discuss the flood situation in the river basin in a timely manner to relevant regions and industries, and guide the safety of reservoirs, flood control of small and medium-sized rivers, and prevention of mountain torrent disasters.

  The Pearl River Commission revealed that in the next step, the commission will strengthen monitoring, forecasting and early warning of rainwater conditions in accordance with the relevant deployment requirements of the Ministry of Water Resources. Refinement and implementation of various defense measures to ensure the safety of people's lives.