A large-scale exercise using live ammunition of the Ground Self-Defense Force was held at the training ground in Shizuoka Prefecture, and it was revealed that a specialized unit for landing operations was deployed on the assumption that a remote island was invaded.

This "Fuji Firepower Exercise" is the largest live-fire exercise conducted by the Ground Self-Defense Force every year at the Higashifuji Exercise Area in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Due to the influence of the new Corona, the open house has been canceled for the third consecutive year.

This exercise was conducted on the assumption that about 3,300 members and 36 vehicles such as tanks participated and the remote islands were invaded.

The Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, a specialized unit for landing operations, deployed on amphibious vehicles and the Osprey transport aircraft that participated in this exercise for the first time, and parachute descent units also landed from helicopters one after another.

After that, the "electronic warfare" unit, which is responsible for the operation over electromagnetic waves, interfered with the command and communication functions of the opponent, and then tanks and armored fighting vehicles fired and confirmed the procedure to suppress the opponent.

In addition, shooting training was also conducted using various weapons possessed by the Self-Defense Forces, such as the "Ryu bullet gun" provided by the United States and Germany to Ukraine, which is undergoing a military invasion by Russia.

The exercises are held at night, and the amount of ammunition used in one day on the 28th is about 57 tons, which is about 1.06 billion yen.