In response to the new national way of thinking about wearing masks, some libraries in Tokyo have begun to inform users that masks may be removed if certain conditions are met only for reading seats. I did.

The new way of thinking that the country has shown is that it is not necessary to wear a mask when there is little conversation, while keeping a distance indoors, and reading in a library is an example.

Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a ward library with 15 wards, and we have begun to inform users that it is okay to remove the mask if there are no people around the reading seats and you do not have a conversation.

Of these, the Central Library has about 130 reading seats, but on the 24th of this month, he said, "Please wear a mask for the time being," and said, "If you remove the mask, there are no other users around. Please check and refrain from talking. "

According to the library, many users continue to wear masks so far.

On the other hand, in places other than the reading seats, people may pass each other and have conversations, so we encourage them to wear masks as before.

A man in his 40s, who was wearing a mask and using the reading seat, said, "If the conditions are met and people do not pass around, I think it is okay to remove the mask."

Shinya Okubo, the director of the library, said, "Since the policy was announced by the government, I thought it was necessary to tell the library how to use it properly. It has not completely ended yet, so I will use it with consideration for the people around me. I would like you to do it. "

In the nursery

The government has stated that it does not recommend wearing masks for children under the age of two, and does not uniformly require preschool children over the age of two, but in the field of child-rearing, we will continue to wear masks thoroughly. There is also.

The Center for Early Childhood Education in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, accepts approximately 100 children aged 2 to 5 years.

Since the infection of the new coronavirus has begun to spread, all kindergarten children have been thoroughly wearing masks, and even after the new way of thinking of the country is shown, the same response is continued.

This is because I feel that the infection of kindergarten children has been reduced and the effect has been suppressed, and the outbreak of clusters continues in the city, so I do not think that the infection situation is optimistic yet.

On the other hand, when playing outdoors, there is a risk of heat stroke, so I would like to alleviate wearing a mask, but it is difficult to judge.

Daisuke Hiramoto, Deputy Director of Sagami Tsubasa Kindergarten, said, "Children often play densely, and if the infection spreads here, it will return to the situation like last year, so wait a little longer before masking. I want to think about removing it. "

At cosmetics stores

Cosmetics stores are expecting that sales of lipsticks and cheeks will recover if there are more opportunities to remove masks in the future.

At cosmetics stores in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, sales of makeup products that had fallen due to the Korona-ka are gradually recovering, but it is still about 50% compared to before Corona, and about 10% for lipsticks. ..

I hope that the store will recover lipstick and blush if the chances of removing the mask increase in the future.

In addition, recently, there have been many inquiries from customers such as "I'm worried about the slack in my mouth and cheeks hidden by the mask", so next month I will be doing facial massage and packs that I had stopped for more than two years. After taking measures against infection, I decided to restart.

A customer who visited the store said, "I'm grateful for the relaxation of wearing a mask, but I'm still a little worried about removing it because the infection is not zero. I used to wear a mask, so I used to make only my eyes, but in the future If I remove the mask, I want to add a bright color. "

Akiko Kobayashi of Sakura Cosmetics said, "I think we are ready to take off the mask with confidence when we have the opportunity to take it off. If we have more opportunities to take off the mask in the future, I think. I think that the number of people who can apply lipstick and purchase it will increase. "