[Explanation] Recently, the topic of "Personal Education Edition Mathematics Textbook" has aroused heated discussions.

Some netizens said that the characters in the textbook illustrations have strange eyes and no aesthetic sense, and there is a clear aesthetic gap compared with other versions of textbook illustrations.

The pictures posted on the Internet show that this version of the textbook was approved in 2012 or 2013, covering grades one to six, and has been used for many years.

On the 26th, the People's Education Publishing House responded that it had begun to redraw the controversial illustrations and covers.

On the same day, the Education Materials Bureau of the Ministry of Education also stated that it had paid attention to the matter and was involved in the investigation.

  [Explanation] This expert said that education is no small matter, and all the details in the textbook may have a subtle impact on children.

The choice of illustrations and other content needs to be treated carefully.

  [Concurrent] Zong Chunshan, Director of Beijing Juvenile Legal and Psychological Counseling Service Center

  Because childhood is the age of reading pictures.

One of the important meanings of the picture book of the teaching material is to activate the form of the teaching material, and to illustrate the theme or content of the article in a more relaxed and vivid way.

The interest and way of his learning is very influential.

A national textbook is definitely not a trivial matter, it must be serious and rigorous.

  [Concurrent] Chu Zhaohui, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences

  In fact, there are two types of problems, some of them are artistic style problems, and some are quality problems.

For the problem of artistic style can be tolerated, (but) to be held accountable for the problem of quality.

Where it is easy to cause ambiguity, it should be replaced.

  [Explanation] For a long time, China has basically implemented the textbook policy of "one outline and one book".

With the launch of a new round of curriculum reform in primary and secondary schools at the end of the last century, "one outline, one outline" was gradually replaced by "one outline and multiple volumes", and more publishing houses entered the field of textbook publishing.

The diversification of teaching materials is a good thing, but some new problems have also appeared.

  [Concurrent] Xiong Bingqi, Dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute

  In the past, there may have been some issues of low quality and mixed quality in the process of publishing textbooks, so now the overall compulsory education textbooks are compiled uniformly.

The entire cover, the internal format, and the entire style are all reviewed.

Some netizens may be concerned about whether this teaching material is open for bidding, but there is no such thing.

  [Explanation] As an important public knowledge product, textbooks play the role of teaching and educating people. Whether there are procedural deficiencies in the editing and publishing of textbooks, and whether public opinions are "absent" in the review of textbooks, should be seriously examined.

Experts believe that an open mechanism should be established for the compilation and revision of textbooks, organically combining public opinions with expert opinions.

  [Concurrent] Xiong Bingqi, Dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute

  The first mechanism is editorial checks, the second is actually a textbook review system, and the third is extensive public participation.

(Currently) our textbooks are compiled by publishers, editors, and textbook approvals (committees). There is a relationship between them. It is actually more of an internal quality check.

Therefore, we have always suggested to establish an open mechanism, that is to say, during the writing process, you need to listen to the opinions of our teachers, students and parents, and then incorporate these opinions into the writing process of your own teaching materials.

The professional perspective and the public perspective can be effectively combined to improve the quality of textbook compilation.

  Reporter Cheng Yu reports from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]