The Toride City Council in Ibaraki Prefecture has introduced a system that visualizes what the members of the Diet have said, and hopes that it will be an opportunity for each member to know what kind of theme they are interested in.

This was started on the 26th by the Toride City Council, which is promoting business reforms using ICT = information and communication technology, on a dedicated site in order to deepen the interest of the citizens in the council.

AI analyzes the remarks of each member of the Diet at the plenary session and the committee, and the words that are often remarked are displayed in different colors and sizes, and related words are connected to each other, and the spider's It is displayed like a nest.

For example, if you select the plenary session last March, the words "Young Carer" and "Vaccination" will be displayed in a yellow frame, and you can see that they were on the agenda in the general question.

In addition, by selecting the displayed word, you can check the exchanges before and after, the speaker, and display the list of the content of the statement for each member.

The parliamentary secretariat said that it was the first time for local governments nationwide to introduce a system for visualizing minutes, and it was an opportunity to let each member know what kind of theme they are interested in. I hope to become.

He of the Toride city council secretariat * Fumihiko Yoshida said, "Even if you don't have time to look at the minutes in detail, let people know what was discussed in this system and get them interested in the council as much as possible. I'm looking forward to it. "

* For Yoshi, "Soil" is above "Kichi".