Egypt .. A Somali girl ends the life of a "tuktuk" driver who tried to rape her

The investigation authorities in the 6th of October City in Egypt decided to imprison a 15-year-old girl of Somali nationality for 4 days pending an investigation into the murder of a tuk-tuk driver, in order to defend her honor and honor after he tried to rape her after she was kidnapped.

The investigation authorities ordered the speedy completion of investigations into the incident to reveal the circumstances and details, and also reviewed the girl's passport and residence papers.

The investigation authorities ordered the unloading of the cameras in the vicinity, which obstructed the killing of a driver by a Somali girl, in defense of the attempted rape and her honor.

The eleventh district of October witnessed an incident that sparked a state of intense controversy and astonishment. A fifteen-year-old girl of Somali nationality came to Egypt in search of a better education opportunity, but soon turned into a murderer in defense of her honor and honor after she killed a driver who tried to rape her. after she was kidnapped.

A young girl entered the police station with a large knife in her skinny hand and her clothes stained with blood. She told them that she had killed a driver who had kidnapped her in a tuktuk and tried to rape her by force, and that she did not intend to kill him as much as she was trying to defend her honor.

This case brings to mind the case of the Al-Ayat girl who killed a microbus driver with 13 stab wounds in defense of her honor.

The beginning was when the girl rode a tuk-tuk from a street in October District 11, he took her to a deserted place completely devoid of pedestrians, and pointed a large knife in her face and forced her to go down, threw her on her back in the ground and proceeded to rape her, leaving the knife next to her But she caught him and stabbed him in the back and neck, so he lost his balance and fell to the ground. The girl gathered her clothes and ran away and went to the police station and reported the incident, while he got into his vehicle and tried to escape as well, but he fell and died inside the tuktuk, two kilometers from the place of the incident, and the girl was shown to The prosecution, which ordered her pretrial detention, pending investigations, also requested the investigations of the investigations into the incident.

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