Disclosure of the identity of Samir Sabry's son and the reasons for not attending his father's funeral

Mustafa Abdel Salam, the husband of the late artist Samir Sabry's sister, revealed the reason why the latter's son did not attend his father's funeral, whose funeral was held yesterday, Saturday.

Abdel Salam confirmed that Samir Sabry's son resides in England and that he did not communicate with the family after his father's death was announced, and he does not know the news of his father's death so far.

Abd al-Salam said in his speech: “Samir did not want to tell his son that he was sick and did not talk to him since the hour of death, and his son is not east of us. He is an Englishman.”

He explained that Samir Sabri's son was born, raised, and resides in London. He is a dentist, and based on his father's desire, he did not inform him of his illness, indicating that he had not communicated with his son so far.

Samir Sabri has one only son, known as Hussein, and works as a doctor in a hospital in the English capital, London, as Hussein was from his only wife, Maureen, who separated from her after 4 years, after he married at the age of 21, that the age of his son is now about 60 years, and no There are many details related to his life and there are no pictures of him when he is old, despite his visits to his father often, but he preferred not to appear in the media and in front of the cameras.

Hussein Samir Sabri resides in London, England, and is married. He has three children, Tariq, Nelly and Fayza, and they live with their father and mother in England because of the nature of their father's work. The artist, Samir Sabri, periodically visits his son and grandchildren twice a year.

Contrary to what Samir Sabry’s sister-in-law stated, some sources close to Samir Sabry confirmed that the son of the late artist Samir Sabry Hussein was informed of his father’s death on Friday, May 20, 2022, as he confirmed that he would book the first plane to be able to arrive on time to attend his father’s funeral, which was held Last Saturday afternoon, he confirmed that he will perform his condolences on Monday, given the difficulty of reaching Egypt and the speed of ticket reservations.

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