[Explanation] Registration, appointment, medicine collection, consultation... This series of operations is familiar to Ma Juan, a "post-80s" escort from Ningxia, whether it is the location of various departments in the hospital or the process of consultation, she You can memorize them by heart, and complete various procedures in the shortest time.

  [Commentary] Ma Juan is a professional escort physician. She saw the business opportunities in escort services by chance. Since then, she has stepped into this new field. Now she has developed from "single" to having ten Small company with few employees.

  [Concurrent] Ma Juan, the escort

  We wanted to give it a try at first, but after seeing other places doing it, we thought it was quite new.

At that time, our first order was not a business, and then a friend (seeing a doctor) beside us, we tried to walk through the process.

In fact, in this process, when you are done, he will thank you very much.

So I think this thing is very meaningful, not only to help others, but also to make money.

  [Explanation] At present, Ma Juan's customers are mainly divided into three types: elderly people who are not good at using mobile phones, pregnant women who are inconvenient to move alone, and young people who work alone in other places.

From action assistance to emotional companionship, as an accompanying clinician, she can solve this "pain point" very well.

  [Concurrent] Ma Juan, the escort

  Our industry can help more elderly people to solve the problem of escort, and at the same time, it can also help him solve the problem of loneliness and difficulty in seeing a doctor, including this process optimization.

In view of the loneliness of some young groups of "post-00s" or "post-90s" who are working in other places, we can also help them optimize his process and give more care in the process.

  [Explanation] Unlike the hospital's guide, the escort is more like the patient's "accompanying tour guide". It is necessary to do enough strategy before the doctor's visit, and also to do various agency work after the doctor's visit, so as to save the patient to the greatest extent. time and energy.

  [Concurrent] Ma Juan, the escort

  Our staff will register online in advance, so there is no need for you to run back and forth. After waiting for the doctor, we will help him make a record form, and then send it to him. After returning home, you can follow the doctor's order to implement it.

Therefore, we will do a good job in all the processes in the early stage. Each link only needs people to arrive, and then do the corresponding inspections, so the entire process and time will be optimized.

  [Explanation] The emergence of the escort has become the "gospel" for many lonely patients. More and more people have begun to contact the escort service, and the escort has gradually become the choice of many people when they see a doctor.

  [Concurrent] Ma Juan, the escort

  In fact, at this stage, because we have only received some orders, there are not many orders, but the overall income is still very good.

For example, if you want to take orders every day, you can take three or four orders a day in the first two days. If you do it every day, we will charge 66 yuan per hour, so it’s not bad to be able to take six or seven hours a day. .

  [Explanation] The seventh national census data shows that the number of elderly people over 60 years old in China has reached 260 million, and the number of young people living alone has reached 95 million.

In the future, the escort service that "makes seeing a doctor no longer lonely" may become the choice for more people to seek medical treatment.

  (Reported by Xie Yu from Ningxia Yinchuan)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]