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[editor Jeon Min-jae] Jonathan and Patricia, the 'talking siblings' who have been receiving a lot of love from recent broadcasts and YouTube for their unique charm and chemistry, conveyed their sincerity towards each other.

Today (26th), fashion magazine 'Elle Korea' released a pictorial and interview of Jonathan and Patricia as 'Sisters and Sisters', a special pictorial theme for the June issue.

In an interview following the photo shoot that day, Patricia said, "Coming to Seoul relieves stress, and it's even better when I have fun experiences with my brother every time I come."

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Jonathan also expressed the importance of his younger brother, saying, "When you say you're pretty or pretty, your head becomes stiff and your body gets stronger.

When asked what was the secret to Jonathan's YouTube channel success, Patricia joked, "Isn't it the effect of my performance?"

Then Jonathan said, "Even if I make a video by myself, I won't get this many views. I think there are a lot of people who like their tiki-taka." "Patricia's sense of humor is better than expected."

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While the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel run by Jonathan recently exceeded 670,000, Jonathan shared his aspirations for the future as a YouTuber.

Jonathan said, "For me, YouTube videos are a living diary. But even a diary can convey laughter and energy. I want to continue to record videos from college graduation, weddings, 60th birthday parties and funerals."

Jonathan and his younger brother Patricia, who became known as 'Prince of Congo', are not only appearing on YouTube and TV shows, but have recently been shooting a joint CF, delivering fresh pleasure as 'K Siblings'.

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