Recently, the topic of "doctors and masters get together in small towns for employment" has sparked discussions among netizens, and what has stirred the public's nerves is the contrast between "highly educated" in the traditional sense and the so-called "low employment".

In addition to the public's "surprise", they should also think about the deep problems behind the news from multiple dimensions.

First, there is no distinction between high and low occupations, and there should be no chain of contempt between urban and rural areas; second, to attract talents to take root at the grassroots level, more comprehensive institutional measures are needed to allow talents to retain, take root, and create value. ; Third, the "education-only" tendency in the job market must be eliminated to promote the adaptation of people to jobs, and to make the best use of their talents. This is a major issue related to education, employment and social creativity.

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]