China News Agency, Tianjin, May 25th (Wang Junyan and Wang Zaiyu) The reporter learned from Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Enterprise Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. In the Pearl River Mouth Basin, the offshore installation of the first deep-water jacket platform in Asia, which was EPCI (design, procurement, construction, installation) general contract by COOEC, was completed on the 24th.

The total weight of the platform is about 40,000 tons, setting a new record for the weight of a single offshore crude oil production platform in China.

  According to reports, this is the first time in China that a jacket platform has been designed, constructed and installed in a water depth of 300 meters.

  The "Haiji No. 1" platform is a multi-functional crude oil drilling and production platform integrating drilling, production and living. The upper block includes a total of 8 single structures such as east and west modules, living buildings, and drilling rig modules, with a total weight of about 10,000 tons.

The platform was installed by "building blocks". Following the completion of the hoisting of the main part of the platform on April 25, the project team completed the offshore hoisting of 6 structures including drilling rig auxiliary modules, drilling rig equipment modules, and living building modules.

  The "Haiji-1" platform is located on the main channel of the internal wave flow in the South China Sea, and there are strong internal wave currents and solitary waves.

For the first time, the project team used DP (Dynamic Positioning) ships to hoist large structures in the 300-level water depth sea area, and adopted various measures such as internal wave flow early warning, precise in-position monitoring, setting guide limit and other measures to overcome construction such as large-amplitude internal wave flow. It only took 3 days to successfully realize the precise positioning of all modules.

  It is reported that the "Haiji No. 1" platform is serving in the Lufeng Oilfield Group in the Pearl River Mouth Basin.

After the oilfield cluster is fully put into production, the peak daily crude oil production will reach 6,500 tons, which will further enhance China's energy security capability.

  At present, the construction of the "Haiji No. 1" platform has entered the stage of offshore connection and commissioning. The project team is making every effort to ensure the smooth realization of the platform's production target within this year, and contribute to accelerating the increase in China's domestic oil and gas reserves and production.