The expected punishment for Ghada Ibrahim after her quarrel with Ilham Shaheen at the funeral of Samir Sabry

A source within the Syndicate of Acting Professions in Egypt revealed the expected punishment for the artist, Ghada Ibrahim, regarding her quarrel with the artist Ilham Shaheen and the media, Bossi Shalaby, during the funeral of the late artist Samir Sabry.

And the "Egypt Times" website quoted the source, that the expected punishment against the artist, Ghada Ibrahim, by the Syndicate of Representative Professions, will not exceed "draw attention."

The artist, Ghada Ibrahim, had attended two investigation sessions within the Syndicate of Representative Professions regarding the crisis that occurred during the funeral of Samir Sabry, and the union took a decision to stop her from work, and the union statement stated: “The Board of Directors of the Representative Professions Syndicate decided to stop Ghada Ibrahim from work, and transferred her to the investigation committee. To look into the violations committed by them.

Ghada Ibrahim said that "there are two artists who prevented her from getting on the bus designated to transport artists to the tombs of the family of the late Samir Sabry", in the governorate of Alexandria.

And she added, "They told me the bus is for certain people, and salvation was completed, and they locked the door. Why do they work so hard? Why?"

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