Preparatory work has been underway since the morning of the 25th to lift the hull that fell while being carried by the workboat on the 24th due to the sinking of a sightseeing boat off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido.

The salvage company will hang a more durable belt on the hull and lift it again on the 26th.

In the accident where the tourist ship "KAZU 1" sank off the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula, the hull was lifted from the seabed at a depth of about 120 meters at the sinking site on the 23rd, and was carried by a salvage company's work boat while being suspended in the sea. However, on the 24th, it fell about 11 km west of Utoro Port in Shari Town.

It was confirmed that the hull was sunk on the seabed at a depth of about 180 meters with the bottom down, and there was no major damage other than the handrail near the bow being removed.

The salvage company is preparing to lift the hull again by lowering the underwater robot with an arm into the sea after 8:30 am on the 25th.

Two of the five belts that hung the hull were broken, so this time we are using an underwater robot to replace it with a more durable belt.

If the work goes smoothly, the hull will be lifted again on the 26th, carried to shallow waters, and lifted onto the work boat, and finally, it will be landed at Abashiri Port on the 27th at the earliest.

To the rucksack family found in the sea

According to the 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, a rucksack that was withdrawn from the sea by a Russian guard ship last month was handed over to the family of a passenger who died in a sunken accident on the 24th.

This rucksack was found in the waters west of Kunashir Island in the Northern Territories, and was handed over by the Russian side because it contained a bank card with the same name as the passenger whose death was confirmed, and was transported to Japan by air. Was there.