One artist who has gone out of fashion for a long time once declared that one should not bend under a changing world.

However, the world is sometimes so changeable that it is impossible not to bend under it (that is, to adapt to it).

You can, of course, proudly go to the bottom, burning with a clear and angry look towards the orphans and the weak.

However, a person is reasonable because he knows how to survive in different conditions.

And the same out-of-fashion artist is now present at the rally of “good Russians” in Tel Aviv, and not in Montenegro or some Vilnius, where this rally was customary to practice before.

And there are no Zionist reasons for this - it's just that the Russians, if they are "good" without ausweiss yet, have to play by the rules of the "bad".

And Israel does not need a visa, and planes fly.

So you have to bend, as they say, under the circumstances.


However, let us leave the former tribunes and turn to the prophets.

One of the most important for us among which at present is Roman Mendelevich Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center.

A person who can predict the future.

Let only the nearest and only in the field of weather, but after the departure of Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky to the best of the worlds, not one of the remaining political analysts can do so little.

So, for days, Roman Mendelevich announced that Russia had decided to bend under the changing world.

And in our country, the criteria for both the normality of the weather and its anomaly will be changed.

Because warming is obvious and given to us in sensation, and writing all the time about the establishment of “anomalously warm weather” is somehow not very good, so the current abnormally warm weather will be accepted as normal, and another one will become abnormal.

Today is the end of May - and I am sitting by a kindled fireplace, so it is difficult for me to perceive these theoretical measurements: it seems to me that the weather outside is abnormally cold for this time.

However, Vilfand and his scientists know better, so let them do what they must, and come what may.

I want to extrapolate this useful experience to the reality around us as a whole.

After all, if it is now considered normal to take and steal $ 300 billion of other people's gold and foreign exchange reserves, then perhaps we should reconsider the criteria for normality.

If it has become normal to take and prohibit another country from paying dividends to its (!) investors, then let's fix that now it is possible to do so.

Steal, as they say, and kill.

Blame and cancel.

Twist the arms of those who don't want to.

Force them.

This is now normal international relations.

And it's time to think about what could become anomalous international relations.

Well, let's put aside the banal idea of ​​a nuclear apocalypse.

It would certainly be interesting to see.

But this is, firstly, a spectacle for once.

And secondly, we need to come up with a plan for the future.

A nuclear apocalypse does not imply a future.

But it would be worth thinking about the United Nations.

There are no united nations for a long time already.

There are only mutual presentations at the Security Council and the right of veto.

Why is it needed?

The UN is now an anomalous organization.

Let me remind you that the League of Nations ended just like that - complete impotence and self-dissolution.

The European Union is also an anomalous organization.

The European Commission does not solve a single pan-European problem; on the contrary, it creates these problems for all EU citizens who are forced to stock up on firewood and wrap batteries in foil.

The European Parliament is busy accepting the idiotic initiatives of representatives of the microscopic "Baltic countries", and Poland is demanding that Norway share the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas.

How is that at all?

And, of course, the most anomalous formation in the new reality is the United States of America.

A country where 83% of the population believe that everything is very bad.

"The most powerful country in the world" that cannot provide its own children with formula milk.

Yes, in fact, and why, if children in the United States are regularly shot en masse.

Alexander Andreevich Prokhanov said that the Russians are the hamster people and the chipmunk people.

So the Americans are a drug addict people and a distraught bandit people.

Absolutely anomalous people.

And as soon as we accept this new reality, it becomes much easier to navigate in it.

Normality is something to which you can adapt.

And an anomaly on that and an anomaly that it by all means passes or takes place.

And everything becomes normal again.

Albeit at a slightly different level of this normality.

You and I continue to live in this new normality, while wrestlers and tribunes with flaming eyes remain in the old normality.

And there they go to their bottom, unshakable, like Jack Sparrow.

A trifle, but nice.

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