Fabrics see worlds that hide great meanings

Mona Ibrahim: The love of difference prompted me to create different designs


Between the magic of nature and the brilliance of antiques, the talent of Emirati Mona Ibrahim, who describes herself as an artist before she was a fashion designer, was formed due to her ancient association with creativity, her upbringing in an art-loving medium, and her later entry into the fashion world in which she excelled.

With affection, Mona remembers in her interview with "Emirates Today" some of the chapters of her happy childhood, in which she grew up in the lap of art: "I grew up in the bosom of beauty. My father, besides the hobby of photography, was fond of acquiring rare antiques that he was roaming the world in search of.

One of the most prominent rare pieces he brought me during his travels was a piece full of embroidery he brought to me from India. It amazed me, and I kept contemplating the splendor and details of that hand-made painting. From that moment on, a scene that fascinated my memory, and it remained in my mind and heart until I grew up and discovered the talent of design and embroidery skills. Which she excelled in implementing on pieces that speak art.”

Despite her studies in business administration, specializing in quality management, and her involvement in the midst of professional life, the founder of the By Almuna brand did not abandon her old passion for fashion design, which she quickly translated with options for contemporary gowns and kaftans with a heritage touch that fits with the spirit of the traditional Emirati jalabiya, benefiting from her testimony. The academy and its experience in the banking sector, to manage its own project, after having mastered its management in a way that amounts to the goals of excellence drawn by its owner, adding: “I did not actually start in the world of design except with real bets on success. This was and still distinguishes my brand, which I launched in 2017, with a new identity and a different font from the prevailing at the time.”

Excellence visa

Thanks to her love of specialization, which was her visa for excellence, Mona was able to perfect her pieces and put her mark on the kaftan, which she re-drafted in a contemporary and luxurious manner, with different cuts and colors up to the latest international designs, incorporating the art of embroidery with flowers and designs of pleats that were unique to her brand, while maintaining the standards of This traditional dress and its modesty live up to the luxury experience that Emirati women aspire to.

On the art of the caftan, which the brand has dedicated since its inception, Mona confirmed that the love of difference prompted her to create designs of contemporary international gowns and kaftans with an ancient identity and innovative details, replete with the luster of embroideries and dreamy pearl motifs, explaining:

beauty symphony

Mona continued: “Perhaps my focus on the connotations of colors is what prompted me, on the other hand, to research the details of fabrics and materials that I incorporate into my designs to create a symphony of feminine beauty harmonious with vocabulary. Fabrics for me are titles and worlds that hide great meanings behind them;

Silk has a different charm than lace, and organza has a different identity to chiffon, and each material has an exceptional brilliance that only those who travel in its worlds know and master its hidden secrets, and because I love from the beginning to dive into details, I mastered its differences and language and embodied it as an art for every woman who dreams of uniqueness.”

She indicated her inclination to smooth materials and plain fabrics, which enable her to work on them and elevate their decorations to turn them into pieces of art.

Finally, the abayas line that the designer has engaged in is characterized by its simple and elegant everyday designs that can be coordinated with luxurious accessories on occasions.

• successes

The designer, Mona Ibrahim, is proud of her successes, which attracted the attention of international brands in Dubai, because of her experience in coordinating the looks of the Emirati abaya and kaftan with luxury jewelry for a distinctive look. Before her, her experience in coordinating jewelry with “Bulgari” and “Ananya” jewelry, and then the experience of being chosen by “Emaar Properties” in 2020 among five local designers whose collections were presented in the Dubai Mall, what the designer considered a real culmination not only of her experience in contemporary design. Rather, it is in coordinating the looks of Emirati women with luxury jewelry, which the designer entered nearly two years ago and intends to specialize in to complement the elegance of Gulf women.

Emirati designer:

“I grew up in the bosom of beauty. My father, in addition to his hobby of photography, was fond of acquiring rare artifacts that he used to roam the world in search of.”

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