The Vinci Autoroutes Foundation published its twelfth "responsible driving barometer" on Tuesday, based on the responses of 2,400 French people.

Through several indicators, it was found, again this year, that motorists in Ile-de-France would be the most prompt to be uncivil in the car, reports BFM Business.

According to this study, 39% of drivers in the Ile-de-France region have for example already deliberately stuck the vehicle of a driver who annoyed them, which corresponds to a figure five points higher than the national average.

Similarly, 31% of Ile-de-France motorists said they got out "of their vehicle to explain themselves to another driver".

A practice only accepted by 20% of drivers at the national level.

The @FondationVA publishes the 12th Responsible Driving Barometer!

@IpsosFrance interviewed 12,400 people in 11 European countries about their driving behavior: use of distractors, fatigue and drowsiness management, incivility, risk taking 👇 #BienConduire

— VINCI Autoroutes Foundation (@FondationVA) May 24, 2022

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Ile-de-France: an explosive cocktail?

In total, 90% of motorists in Ile-de-France have already explained that they were afraid of the aggressive behavior of another driver.

"Driving is not easy in Paris and you add to that the character of the Parisian, hyper speed, hyper hurry, hyper impatient, the mix is ​​more explosive than elsewhere I think" justified Caroline Rochet, the author of

Comment (not) become Parisian

, to our colleagues.

Ile-de-France is not, however, the only region where incivility at the wheel seems to be frequent.

71% of drivers in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have thus claimed to have already insulted someone in the car (while the national average is 65%), and 61% of motorists in Occitanie have admitted to using their horn in an inopportune manner (against 65% national average).


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