Beginning in 2021, the PLA Hong Kong Garrison was invited to organize PLA training for the Hong Kong disciplined forces.

Many trainees of the Hong Kong Disciplinary Forces have learned from each other in the process of getting along with the PLA instructors and have forged a deep friendship. Hong Kong police officer Gao Diquan is one of them.

During the interview, the reporter deeply felt that in everyone's mind, this training is not only a change of pace, but also the progress of the times, and an important step to deepen the sense of identity with the country and the nation.

Through the self-report of Hong Kong Police Gao Diquan, we record this historical change and wish Hong Kong a better tomorrow!

  [Live dubbing] At the age of 18, I joined the police force. During my 37 years of service, I have held many positions in the patrol team, the criminal unit... But what I like most is teaching footwork, because footwork is a police officer The first step in developing discipline, and taking the first step well is crucial.

  My name is Gao Diquan, and I am a Hong Kong police officer.


  【on site】

  Student: In the morning, there are 26 people in one class, 26 people together!

  Gao Diquan: Wait a minute, we will train on footsteps, and there are also Chinese-style formations. After disbanding, all the students will go to the ammunition depot to get their guns...

  [Voiceover] I am an instructor of the Firearms and Operations Training Group of the Police Academy. Many years of teaching experience have made me familiar with footman movement. Until last year, when I first came into contact with the People's Liberation Army, my career ushered in a new challenge.

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  My dream is to learn Chinese marching with the People's Liberation Army. In fact, the leader knows that I am the oldest in the (disciplinary) army. He talked to me, (but) he just didn't expect me to participate so persistently.

  [Voiceover] Last February, the Hong Kong Garrison was invited to the Police Academy for cohort training. With persistence, I was fortunate to be the first trainee and I was fully prepared for this training.

Two consecutive weeks of cohort training is still a tough test.

  [Concurrent] Li Hou, a member of the honor guard of the Hong Kong Garrison

  I was very impressed. First of all, he was a little older, but he was not inferior to other young police officers on the playground.

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  If you can achieve the explosive force of the movements taught by the PLA instructors (cohort), the subtle movements will give people a feeling of great spirit and surging power.

  [Voiceover] The movements of the footsteps are large, but the subtle movements are few. The PLA column is just the opposite. For seemingly simple movements, the details of each position must be standard.

One of the most representative is the positive step.

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  In addition to the beautiful posture, the forward step requires a lot of hard work. It takes a long time of training, physical exertion, and a very high concentration to do it.

  [Voiceover] Therefore, I have to practice repeatedly every time the instructors of the People's Liberation Army teach, and their meticulous work attitude and rigorous and professional teaching methods have benefited me a lot.

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  I am very impressed that I can really use them as an example in my teaching work in the next few years. I hope that after absorbing the best of them, I can educate the next generation of police officers.

  [Concurrent] Li Hou, a member of the honor guard of the Hong Kong Garrison

  Most of the people being trained now are the instructors of the major disciplined forces. While they learn their own movements, they also need to learn the experience and methods of the PLA's group training, so as to lay a solid foundation for training their own new team members in the future.

  [Voice] Beginning in October last year, the newly recruited inspector-level and police-level trainees of the Hong Kong Police College have been fully transferred to the training of the People's Liberation Army, and we will pass on everything we have learned to the new generation of Hong Kong police.

  【Live】(Gao Diquan Teaching)

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  I also told them (new students) that the times are changing, and you should feel honored that you came in during this time.

  [Voiceover] From marching to queuing, we have taken a very meaningful step. This is a historic change, and we are witnesses and practitioners.

  [Concurrent] Sergeant Gao Diquan of the Hong Kong Police College

  The progress of the times has always been moving forward, and the Chinese-style procession of the march until now has been looking forward all the way, don't look back.

Its significance is that we have returned to the motherland, we are in Hong Kong, and we have the strong backing of the motherland behind us.

  [Subtitles added at the scene] (Flag raising at Golden Bauhinia Square)

  Subtitle: On July 1, 2021, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government held a flag-raising ceremony.

For the first time, the flag-guarding team entered the arena in a Chinese-style queue, with Gao Diquan as the flag-guard.

  Since last year, the Hong Kong Garrison has organized trainings for nearly 1,000 people for the five disciplined forces in Hong Kong, strengthening the awareness of national security in Hong Kong society and conveying the positive energy of loving the country and Hong Kong.

  At the beginning of this year, the Immigration Department, Customs, Fire Services Department, and Correctional Services Department were successively transferred to the ranks of the People's Liberation Army. On July 1, 2022, the Hong Kong Police Force will also be fully converted to the ranks of the People's Liberation Army.

  【Add dubbing on the spot】

  Taking a small step is not only a step, but also deepens our national self-confidence and national feelings. Every step is closer to the motherland, and every step brings a more sense of belonging.

I am a Hong Kong police officer and I love my motherland!

  Author: The People's Liberation Army Garrison in Hong Kong

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]