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Experienced Robots Needed

Muhammad Salem Al Ali

26 May 2022

Artificial intelligence continues to prove its astonishing superiority in various fields, and every day there is talk about scientific achievements and breaches achieved by computers and robots, to the extent that areas that were difficult in the recent past, such as cognitive tasks, are today within its scope and goal;

He began analyzing and deducing, thinking and inventing, driving vehicles and performing surgeries, as well as drawing and composing, so that I am not surprised if he started writing poetry and composing novels, everything became reasonable and possible.

What is clear is that technological changes are so fast that they are beyond comprehension. Even secure jobs, which computers could not perform, are now automated thanks to machine learning applications.

Until the tide reached high-skilled professions, and after the robot in the recent past assumed the routine tasks performed by low-skilled workers, today it targets vacancies in the category of professionals and specialists, as well as among engineers and legal professionals, and even cultural and social disciplines have not escaped from this Newcomer.

What helps us extrapolate the features of the upcoming threat is the United Nations projections, which indicate that the Earth's population, by the year 2050, will touch the ten billions, six billion of whom will be of working age;

The expectations of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) are no different from this, which sees that 50% of current work activities will be automated by the year mentioned, while that percentage will reach 80% in the following decades.

This futuristic picture, although it appears bleak, its essence is bright to the extreme, and history is full of evidence of that.

Every step that humanity has planned has not been followed by a state of well-being and new opportunities, from fishing to agriculture, and from agriculture to industry, until we reached what is called today the Fourth Industrial Revolution with all its promises and prospects.

What concerns us here is that artificial intelligence, in the midst of its revolution, will inevitably take on more tasks, and it may theoretically cause some to lose their jobs, but in reality it will not cause mass unemployment as most people fear, but on the contrary, all those jobs will be replaced by more others. complex and creative;

Many studies and reports are in this context, including what was stated by the World Economic Forum, which indicated that the fourth industrial revolution led by artificial intelligence will contribute to an increase of 26% in global GDP by 2030, while the resulting new jobs will compensate Those that will be automated more and more.

But the research itself pointed out one problem, which is that the jobs that will be created are of a skilled and technical nature, and in order for people who have lost their jobs to move to these new roles, they must undergo large rounds of study and training;

These are tasks that require the solidarity of all, governments, institutions and organizations, and they must implement efforts in the areas of learning and skills refining, even if there is a need to review and completely rehabilitate global education systems;

Simply because only he who has the necessary skills is able to adapt and survive in this renewed world.

Artificial intelligence is going to change the face of the world, and the future of humans is at stake if we do not plan for it from now;

Because when we succeed in preparing society and ourselves for this future, only then will we succeed in embracing its benefits and reaping its fruits.

• Technological changes are too rapid to be accommodated.

Founder of Suhail Smart Solutions

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