Songwriter and composer Diane Warren is one of the world's foremost songwriters with hits such as Aerosmith's "I do not want to miss a thing" and "If I could turn back time" performed by Cher.  

She has worked with big names Celine Dion, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber to name a few, and has been nominated 13 times for an Oscar for best song.  

Tonight she receives the Polar Prize in the category popular music, which she was awarded in 2020.  

- I thought wow, cool.

It's a wonderful honor, says Diane Warren.  

Known for his sad love ballads  

She is best known for her bombastic power ballads where a recurring theme is sad love. 

- I love drama and emotion in a song.

But not in real life, I can live without it.  

One of her favorites she mentions is "Only love can hurt like this" which was released in 2014 and performed by Paloma Faith.

The song has recently become popular again through TikTok.  

- I do not understand any of that.

But I'm glad my songs get new life, it helps them live forever.

I like the idea that my songs should live forever.