There are meetings that mark.

Tugboats from the port of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) had seen the animal passing under the Normandy bridge on Tuesday May 17.

Since then, this killer whale has been wandering in the Seine.

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The Cotentin Cetacean Study Group (Gecc) observes his journey through several testimonies.

The animal was notably reported in Yainville, near Jumièges,


According to Sébastien Jacquot, project manager at the Gecc, “it goes back and forth.

It goes quite far inland, which is quite surprising.”

Will she go as far as Rouen?

"It's not impossible," he says.

“We hope that her instinct brings her back to the sea”

Meeting this type of cetacean in the Seine is exceptional.

For Sébastien Jacquot, this killer whale would come from a population that is "on the side of Ireland".

Although this species most often lives in groups, it is possible that it slipped away, "out of curiosity", or to hunt (seals, no doubt).

If the spectacle is magical for those who cross the path of this male, a youngster of about four meters, specialists are now worried about his state of health and clearly his survival time "in fresh water ".

"We hope that his instinct brings him back to the sea", crosses his fingers Gérard Mauger, the founder of the Gecc, who advises, in the meantime, the population not to try to approach the animal, very sensitive to stress. .

Tuesday, April 5, a Norman fisherman had also crossed paths with an orca, in the open sea of ​​the English Channel, off Grandcamp-Maisy (Calvados).

He had filmed the meeting.

According to Gérard Mauger, killer whales could use the English Channel as a travel corridor between the North Sea and the Atlantic.


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