An administrative court has overturned the permission for Muslim full-body swimsuits in the French city of Grenoble at the instigation of the government.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin spoke of “excellent news” on Wednesday evening.

After the lawsuit he initiated, the decision of the Grenoble city council to allow so-called burkinis in the city swimming pools was suspended.

Darmanin had instructed the local prefect to take legal action against the controversial new regulation.

Ten days ago, after a controversial debate, the city council in Grenoble voted by a narrow majority to change the swimming pool regulations.

In the future, burkinis and bare-chested swimming should also be allowed in the city's public baths.

There had previously been heated debates on the subject in France.

France sees itself as a secular country in which there is a strict separation of state and religion.

The handling of religious symbols in public has repeatedly caused controversy, especially in connection with Islam.