• Jon Hamm embodies the superior of the hero camped by Tom Cruise in "Top Gun: Maverick".

  • The star left him the possibility of imposing himself in this role.

  • He salutes the kindness and energy of Tom Cruise.

"Tom Cruise is someone who loves cinema in all its aspects," Jon Hamm told

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He loves doing it and he loves talking about it.


Top Gun: Maverick

, which comes out this Wednesday after being presented at Cannes, the actor embodies the hierarchical superior of the hero.

And he has a lot to do to bring this hothead to heel.

Jon Hamm is nothing like a rookie actor.

Discovered in the Mad Men series, we also saw it in

Bad weather at the El Royale hotel

by Drew Goddard.

He was however impressed by the professionalism of Tom Cruise with whom he collaborated for the first time.

A very generous actor

"He's an extraordinary personality whose energy he exudes is communicated to the other actors and to the whole team," he says.

Everyone knows he's working on a Tom Cruise movie and can't help but be excited about the idea.

If Jon Hamm remains nailed to the ground during this film rich in impressive aerial sequences, his character still manages to impose himself at the head of a team of turbulent pilots who drive him crazy.

Especially the famous Maverick (“maverick” in French) embodied by Tom Cruise.

“Being in confrontation with him for certain scenes was very fun, remembers Jon Hamm.

He is a very kind human being as well as a generous partner.


And yet, Maverick's patience is put to the test by the leader played by Jon Hamm, especially as the hero must also calm down rambunctious young pilots charged with a perilous mission.

Among them is the son of his friend who died in the first

Top Gun

(Miles Teller).

But the charisma of Tom Cruise and his dynamism allow him to triumph over all intimate or military missions.

"The film shows ordinary people doing extraordinary things," says Jon Hamm.

We need these types of stories without superheroes, capes or special effects in today's landscape.

Tom Cruise embodies this to perfection”

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If Jon Hamm did not have the opportunity to participate in sequences in the sky, he does not regret it.

“Just being near the planes was exciting,” he admits.

And play with Tom too.

He is a movie star like we don't have today.

I don't see anyone who fits this definition to this extent.

Tom Cruise is truly amazing.

He managed to be admired by his peers as well as by the spectators.

Top Gun: Mav Rick

is another flamboyant example.

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