• Kristen Stewart was a fan of David Cronenberg before filming with him.

  • The actress was thrilled by "The Crimes of the Future" where she only has a small role.

  • The optimism and romanticism of this disturbing film filled her.

“It's a wonderful love story that's as erotic as it is disturbing.

She fills me with desire!

” confides Kristen Stewart to

20 Minutes


The actress was a fan of David Cronenberg before playing in his film and makes no secret of it.

And the vision of

Crimes du futur

presented Monday evening in competition at Cannes only reinforced his admiration for the director.

In front of a very receptive audience, Kristen Stewart shared the applause with the Canadian filmmaker who was very touched by the fervor of the spectators.

In this fascinating film, she plays a small role as a bureaucrat stuck opposite Léa Seydoux and Viggo Mortensen, a couple of artists who consider that sex is obsolete and that surgery is another way to achieve orgasm.

Disturbing but sexy

“I only had two weeks of filming and I was very sad to leave, she admits.

Seeing the film allowed me to rediscover the pleasure that I had to shoot with David Cronenberg, one of the most caring filmmakers I have ever met.

Although she only spends a short time on screen, the actress is quite remarkable when her character discovers a rather particular conception of inner beauty based on autopsies and public surgical operations.

“It's disturbing but I find it sexy, recognizes Kristen Stewart.

David has his own way of talking about sex.

Less crude than


by Julia Ducourneau, which drew much of its influence from Cronenberg,

Les Crimes du futur

is nonetheless a very disturbing work.


is a woman's cry of anger and suffering, which really touched me,” explains Kristen Stewart.

There is an underlying tenderness in

Les Crimes du futur


Even if David is very critical of today's world, he keeps his arms open to welcome art, creation and beauty.


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Love also holds an important place in the film, which thrilled Kristen Stewart.

“I love stories, like that of Paul Thomas Anderson's

Phantom Thread

where the meeting of two beings allows them to stimulate their reciprocal creativity to give birth to an artistic project.

This romantic dimension inhabits

Les Crimes du futur


“The film says that you can evolve until your last breath and become better: it is deeply optimistic.

We agree with Kristen Stewart in celebrating

Future Crimes

and wishing her a good place on the charts.

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