The office has announced that Sanyutei Enraku, a rakugo storyteller who had been hospitalized due to a cerebral infarction, has been discharged.

In the future, he aims to return to his job.

Sanyutei Enraku (72) was hospitalized for a cerebral infarction in January and continued treatment and rehabilitation for about 4 months.

According to his agency, Mr. Enraku was discharged from the hospital on the 20th of this month and returned to his home.

His return to work is undecided at this time, as his physical strength and muscular strength have declined considerably due to long-term hospitalization.

Enraku has gained popularity for his unique performances that arrange classic rakugo, and has been popular for many years in the commercial TV program "Shoten."

In the past, I was treated for early stage lung cancer and brain tumors, but after treatment, I returned to Takaza.

The agency said, "I am full of heartfelt gratitude and gratitude to all the people involved, not to mention the fact that I was able to return to my original life. He says he wants to return to work soon, but time I would like to aim for a reliable return. "