For his debut in the Borne government, Pap Ndiaye wanted to place his mission under the sign of "the rejection of barbarism and hatred".

The new Minister of National Education therefore made a symbolic trip to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on Monday. He indeed went to the college where Samuel Paty, a professor assassinated in October 2020, taught, sending the message that “it is is the Republic that wins, despite everything”.

Pap Ndiaye exchanged for an hour with the educational community of the Bois d'Aulne college, in the Yvelines, marked by the death of the history and geography teacher.

The minister, who had already paid tribute to Samuel Paty on Friday during the transfer of power with Jean-Michel Blanquer, recalled that "basically, the Republic, through school, it is stronger".

He thus evoked "the resilience, the initiatives that are taken, by the teachers, by the educational team, by the students" which clearly show "how deep the Republic plunges into the nation", stressing that this is "very moving”.

" I'll be back "

“I wanted to make my first visit after the first Council of Ministers this morning, to this college, which I did not know, but which I knew in many respects because the memory of Samuel Paty remained in my mind. heart and in my mind.

Pap Ndiaye also recalled being a "historian by training".

“I read his book (by Samuel Paty), “Research Memory” (…) which has been published since his death and I participated in other tributes including at Sciences Po where I was a professor (… ).

It is normal and natural for me to come here”.

The Minister of Education explained that he had "conversed very freely" with the educational community.

“I was there to listen to them, we were there to talk about their situation, the difficulties experienced since October 2020, more than school issues stricto sensu, which we will have to look into”.

“I also promised that I would come back to the college to talk about these issues.

More professional questions.

So it's a goodbye and a see you soon,” he added.


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