A song "Love You" plays the emotional card

  After experiencing a trough and then "riding the wind" after becoming popular, how long can Wang Xinling become popular this time?

  May 25, 2022 Chengdu Commercial Daily Electronic Edition

  ■ Unexpectedly, in "Riding the Wind and Waves", the first "out of the circle" was Wang Xinling.

At a time when sweetness has long been out of fashion, this former "sweet leader" has gained unimaginable attention. With the blessing of traffic from major platforms, he has harvested a large number of middle-aged male fans.

After "Liu Genghong Girl", "Wang Xinling Boy" is talked about by the public.

  ■ If the "feeling card" brought Wang Xinling the necessary conditions to become popular, but after that?

After all, there are endless cases of Hong Kong and Taiwan artists becoming popular through variety shows, but very few of them can become popular in the end.

From the Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter's point of view, if there is no maintenance of the follow-up works and the favor of the brand side, how long Wang Xinling, who is full of foolishness and hard work, will continue to be "popular", everything is unknown.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Ren Hongwei and intern He Yanling

  The transformation was not successful after being hit by a love injury

  Why are they saying that Wang Xinling is "popular"?

Because she used to be a "boy killer" who kept pace with Jolin Tsai, Angela Chang and Rainie Yang.

After the first taste of the song "Cinderella's Tears", Wang Xinling quickly became popular with the album "Love You".

  Sing and perform well, this is the eternal law of idols, and Wang Xinling is no exception.

In "The Wedding Dress of the Kingdom of Heaven", Wang Xinling played Tao Aiqing, a girl next door, which was widely acclaimed as soon as it was broadcast, and was the champion of the ratings that year.

For a while, "Sweetheart Master" Wang Xinling was in the limelight.

  Unexpectedly, the love that only blossomed and did not bear fruit, made Wang Xinling bruised and bruised until it disappeared in front of the public.

At the age of 30, she chose to start again.

Putting away her sweet smile, Wang Xinling tried to rebuild herself.

But for the general public, they suddenly found out that Wang Xinling didn't love him anymore.

That sweet and greasy song, that "silly white sweet" girl, seems to have drifted away.

This announces Wang Xinling's transformation since 2012, and his efforts in the past ten years have not achieved much.

  The traffic is tilted and the blessings of all parties suddenly turn red

  Recently, "Sweetheart Master" returned to the stage in "Riding the Wind and Waves".

Looking through the public information, Wang Xinling's Weibo fans, Douyin fans, and Xiaohongshu fans are 6.244 million, 4.52 million, and 295,000 respectively.

Among them, Douyin uploaded a total of 17 works, the first one was released on November 28, 2018, and the highest one received 3.708 million likes. The content is "Love You" sung again in the program.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter According to statistics from the data service platform Xinjing, as of press time, Wang Xinling's total number of fans on the platform was 19.6135 million.

  Hunan Satellite TV did not expect Wang Xinling's "out of the circle".

From the first episode of the program, the director team obviously focused on Ning Jing and Na Ying, and there were not many scenes for Wang Xinling.

And after "Love You" suddenly became popular, platforms have extended "olive branches" to Wang Xinling, which is similar to Liu Genghong's live fitness class.

  At the same time, netizens' fancy play tricks also boosted Wang Xinling's rapid spread in new media.

Especially with the rise of middle-aged male fans, Wang Xinling's "Love You" is covered and danced on major short video platforms.

The never outdated sentimental card, coupled with the accurate push of the platform's big data, made this type of video spread viral.

After "Liu Genghong Girl", "Wang Xinling Boy" became another collective carnival on the Internet.

  How long can it be "popular" with feelings?

  But has Wang Xinling really "turned red"?

In other words, how long can "Wang Xinling Boy" last?

It is undeniable that the variety shows of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV can always make old or outdated artists become popular again, but how much dividends the artists can get from this, more importantly, they need follow-up works and their own brand value. .

  In the first work on the first stage, I chose "Love You" instead of the recently released work. Wang Xinling is very clear about his advantages.

From an economic point of view, if there is a brand's blessing in the future, it can also prove that Wang Xinling is really popular.

The reporter found that in Wang Xinling's most popular days (2003-2010), Wang Xinling endorsed or cooperated with more than 50 brands.

  This year's "Riding the Wind and Waves", although the number of sponsored brands has dropped a lot compared to the previous year, there are also 6 brands.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter also found that in the first two seasons, the sisters have caught up with the live broadcast of the goods.

Previously, on other social platforms, Wang Xinling also made a short video to teach everyone to learn makeup skills with curly eyelashes and distinct roots.

Not surprisingly, "live broadcast" is a relatively suitable way for Wang Xinling to maintain brand attention.

  Many people think that Wang Xinling is similar to the previous Liu Genghong's popularity, but Liu Genghong's traffic has passed the test of time.

And Wang Xinling still needs more experience, whether the feeling card can continue to play, everything is unknown.