Connie Hüsser and Jörg Boner have been shaping the design scene for two decades, in Switzerland and beyond.

Hüsser as a stylist, interior designer and editor of the magazine "Annabelle", Boner as a designer, lecturer and president of the Federal Design Commission, which presents the Swiss Design Awards every year.

While Hüsser fearlessly lets forms, colors and aesthetics collide in her collages and scenographies, Boner's products appear calm and balanced.

Although the two have been friends for years, they only recently worked together for the first time.

Under Hüsser's label "Objects with Love" they put together a collection of candlesticks for an exhibition.

They met in Boner's Zurich studio for the video interview.

Ms. Hüsser, Mr. Boner, as a creative duo you surpass all gender clichés: the woman is a stylist, intuitive, emotional, arranges colorful objects and furnishes rooms beautifully;

the man is a designer, designs series products for industry, clear and reduced.

A clear division of roles – or is it actually quite different?

Jörg Boner: Connie is the man and I am the woman - and then the other way around.

But first of all we are human.

I have noticed a very tolerant and open view from my home in this regard.

Connie Hüsser: It's exactly as you described it - but also completely different.

I don't think like that in woman-man drawers.

We are human first, with strengths and weaknesses.

This cliché of the man who is rational, clear and reduced does not fit Jörg at all.

He is an emotional, soft and sensitive person for me.

Jörg Boner: What exactly is industrial design?

Does industrial design mean that more than 100 pieces of a product are manufactured every year?

Sure, we draw street lights for Ewo.

But even when I design them, there are hundreds of the most beautiful books on art, architecture, photography and history on the shelves behind me.

Everything we do, we do in a cultural context.

Whether it's a small one-off or something with a larger edition.

Connie and I appear very different to the outside world, 180 degrees opposite.

But we're pretty close in terms of content, that's why we get along so well.

There is a lot of trust and a great long-term friendship.

Connie Hüsser: Well, I can also be the man in our relationship.

Jörg Boner: I understand that this gender question is asked from the outside.

When I look inside, we're just two people who get along well.

Not that we don't care about any of that.

But when we work together, that's not an issue.

How did you meet each other?

Connie Hüsser: I don't remember that exactly anymore.

Jörg Boner: I still remember exactly.

I was in my studio on a Saturday morning, before I had any commissions.

Then Connie called as editor of the magazine "Annabelle" and said, you made such a light chair.

Could I print that?

Connie Husser: That's right!

I took the first step!

Typical man.

Jörg Boner: That's how we met.

Connie Hüsser: That was a long time ago.


Crazy, then we've known each other for 22 years.

what kind of chair was that?

Jörg Boner: I designed a chair called POF 1, “piece of furniture 1”, with the N2 design group for a competition.

It was about doing something with the Classic chair from the Swiss manufacturer Horgenglarus.

The starting point was that a chair in the bedroom is often used to put clothes on.

It would be good if he would shed some light.

We built a light into the seat, so the chair became a bedside lamp and clothes rack, and it's sad that it's never allowed to be a chair.