The government's demonstration project to confirm necessary measures against infectious diseases during the stay started on the 24th to resume the acceptance of foreign tourists.

The government is considering resuming the acceptance of foreign tourists, which is currently suspended, in stages from next month because the infection situation of the new corona is improving, and a small number of people will start from the 24th. I started a trial tour to Japan.

On the 24th, a total of seven employees from an American travel agency, who were the first participants, arrived at Narita Airport.

The seven people who participated will spend about a week visiting sightseeing spots such as Kanto and Tohoku with the tour operator of a Japanese travel agency. We are supposed to find out effective ways to get thorough measures.

A woman who runs a travel agency from Hawaii said, "I want to see how infection control is being done in Japan and bring customers the next time I come to Japan."

The Japan Tourism Agency will collect information on improvements by conducting interviews with participants and provide information to accommodation facilities and travel agencies.