□ Yang Fan

  On May 18, Donnie Yen's new film "The Legend of Qiao Feng", which was produced and starred by Donnie Yen, was deeply reported by the authoritative American entertainment media "The Hollywood Reporter".

At the same time, the latest concept poster of the film was also unveiled at the just-opened Cannes Film Festival in France.

The poster is presented in ink style, showing the majestic martial arts artistic conception.

However, some domestic netizens said: "Seeing that the producer is Wang Jing, my heart is half cold." Why is this?

It turned out that Wang Jing had adapted Jin Yong's novels several times before, and the word of mouth was screwed up.

  The concept poster of "The Legend of Qiao Feng in Tianlong Ba Bu" has a strong sense of national style.

The protagonist Qiao Feng appeared in a red robe, surrounded by countless enemy cavalry armed with sharp blades.

This kind of momentum of "one enemy, ten thousand" reminds people of another costume film "Guan Yunchang" - what a heroic hero he is when he kills enemy generals in a chaotic army.

  The title of the movie in the poster is swiped in a vast and thick cursive, and many people think this font is familiar.

This is written by Xu Jing, a well-known female calligrapher in China. She is the "Queen" calligrapher of Zhang Yimou's films, and the titles of "Hero" and "Shadow" are all from her.

  The "face value" of the poster and the "gold content" of the starring role made "The Legend of Qiao Feng in the Eight Parts of the Heavenly Dragon" gain a good spot of attention at the Cannes Film Festival.

Before the film started, it was rumored that it will be released on the first day of the new year next year.

But many domestic fans don't have much expectation for this "falling from the sky" New Year's film.

  At the beginning of this year, two online movies adapted from Jin Yong's novels, "Eternal Dragon Slayer: Jiuyang Magic" and "Eternal Dragon Slayer: Sacred Fire Heroes", were launched, causing countless netizens to complain. The scores of the two films on Douban were 3.5 and 3.8 respectively. director.

  "Legend of Heaven and Dragon Slayer: Jiuyang Magic" was not highly evaluated on social networks. Some people said: "Witness the decline of Hong Kong movies", and others ridiculed: "Wang Jing made this movie with good intentions. If nothing else, at least Save me a New Year's Eve meal and lose my appetite at all."

  And Donnie Yen is one of the leading actors in "The Legend of Heaven and Dragon Slayer: The Nine Suns", which makes people more worried about "The Legend of Qiao Feng in the Eight Parts of the Heavenly Dragon".

  In Jin Daxia's writings, Qiao Feng is affectionate and righteous, loyal to his love, loyal to the country, and has a rough and tragic life.

He self-destructed to save the world. He is a tragic hero who cares about the common people, sympathizes with the world, and has a transcendental realm of thought.

  Eleven years ago, Donnie Yen also played a tragic hero, Guan Yu, in the movie "Guan Yunchang".

But even Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen (playing Cao Cao), two big names, couldn't save the film's reputation, and the film's score on Douban was only 5.0.

  On the contrary, the "Ip Man" series starring Donnie Yen has a good reputation.

It is precisely because he played Ip Man that Donnie Yen was loved by foreign fans, and his English nickname "IP MAN" also became popular internationally.

The success of the "Ip Man" series further helped Donnie Yen and Keanu Reeves to collaborate in the film "Chase 4", and also gave "The Legend of Qiao Feng of the Eight Parts of the Dragon" a high-profile debut in Cannes.

  Strictly speaking, Donnie Yen's qualifications, acting skills, and martial arts are all qualified to play Qiao Feng. What fans worry about is that the director, the "chef", will waste good "ingredients" again.

Some chefs are good at cooking Northeastern cuisine, and some are good at cooking Cantonese cuisine. If you let a Cantonese chef cook Northeastern cuisine, it may taste weird.

  Fortunately, Wang Jing's "Tianlong Ba Bu: Qiao Feng Biography" crew is only a producer and not a director. The director is Zheng Weiwen, a former senior director of Hong Kong ATV. In recent years, he has entered the mainland film industry and has also shot some good costume dramas. .

What kind of "chivalrous man" will this film directed by Zheng Weiwen show?

We will wait and see.