Atsushi Hiraga, a mountain photographer from Yamanashi prefecture who has been shooting mountains in Japan and overseas such as Everest, died this month after sliding down in a mountain in Alaska, USA.

He was 43 years old.

Mr. Hiraga is from Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and according to his family, he studied video and photography when he was a student and participated in an "adventure race" where he competed for time on the stage of nature.

In 2007, he accompanied mountaineer Ken Noguchi as a cameraman to climb Mt. Everest, and has continued to take on the challenge of shooting mountains around the world, including taking pictures of the climb.

In addition, he has been in charge of shooting on many TV programs, including the NHK program "Great Traverse," and has conveyed to viewers the famous peaks and magnificent nature through images.

Mr. Hiraga was team-climbing to "Hunter", a mountain in Denali National Park, Alaska, USA, on his way back to base camp on the 17th of this month. Is confirmed.

Hiraga's mother, Keiko, said, "I just loved work and wanted to convey the charm of the mountains to many people through images. I always prayed because it was a dangerous job. I still can't believe it. "

Mr. Hiraga's junior "People who were about to shoot and keep records"

Following the death of Atsushi Hiraga, Kenichi Yamamoto, a junior member of the mountaineering club of Nirasaki High School in Yamanashi Prefecture and a professional trail runner who has been friends with him since then, said, "Senior Hiraga is like my family. I was on the top and had a close look at my back that I couldn't reach. I thought that was the case. "

Also, looking back on having Mr. Hiraga take a picture of the challenge of running around the prefectural border of Yamanashi prefecture last year, he said, "I was a person who was about to take pictures and keep records, and I took all the good and bad points. I was impressed by the fact that he was always doing his best, saying, "I don't know what will happen." "Thank you for always worrying. I want to catch up with my seniors someday." rice field.

Mountaineer Ken Noguchi "It takes time to take it very heavily"

Atsushi Hiraga and Ken Noguchi, a mountaineer who has climbed mountains all over the world for many years, said in a telephone interview, "I was really like a brother because I climbed together for 20 years. Death is very heavy and takes time to accept. "

Also, regarding shooting with a drone, which Mr. Hiraga was good at, "I think he was one of the mountain photographers who are active in Japan. I was there. "

And about the death of Mr. Hiraga, "I couldn't imagine that Mr. Hiraga was in distress because he was very careful. I think it was an unavoidable accident. We were left with the death of Mr. Hiraga. I think we have to continue our activities in the future. "