"Stop fooling yourself by saying that you are doing no harm," chanted activists as they burst into the general assembly of the Shell group on its climate strategy.

“Think of your children and your family.

They will not escape the effects of the climate emergency”, they again shouted in front of the board of directors.

Overwhelmed at the start of the meeting by activists who sang and shouted at shareholders, Chairman of the Board Andrew Mackenzie had to suspend the general meeting for about two hours pending the arrival of the police and the expulsion of the protesters. .

"I deeply regret this," said board chairman Andrew Mackenzie, who had unsuccessfully called on protesters to wait for discussion of the group's climate transition plan to speak out calmly.

Investors also tackle Shell

About 80 activists took part in this action, indicated Money Rebellion (Extinction Rebellion), which had announced its intention to demonstrate with other environmental organizations to denounce the climate inaction of the oil "major", after having disrupted in recent weeks the AG of HSBC, Barclays and Standard Chartered banks.

When the general meeting was able to resume, this time it was institutional shareholders who took turns to put the climate at the heart of the questions to the board of directors.

Despite an action plan aimed at carbon neutrality in 2050, "you still plan to increase emissions", and the measures targeted "are simply not sufficient" to achieve the objectives of the Paris agreement, thus tackled an investor.

If Shell was “one of the first companies in the sector” to give shareholders their say on the climate, “much more important immediate actions are needed”, added another shareholder.

Shell fights back

“I believe we have already significantly reinvented the business,” retorted managing director Ben van Beurden.

"We believe that our strategy and the objective we have set ourselves are well in line with the Paris agreement", which aims to limit global warming to +1.5°C compared to the pre- industrial.

Shareholders nevertheless approved 80% of Shell's climate strategy and rejected another climate resolution, this time from shareholders and notably calling on Shell to "report" on its progress at least once a year.


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