News from our newspaper (Reporter Qin Hua) Recently, the film "Mozart in Outer Space", directed and written by Chen Sicheng, starring Huang Bo and Rong Zishan, was officially announced on July 15th, officially entering the summer program. Chen Sicheng's new directorial work after the "Detective Chinatown" series.

  The film tells the story of the father Ren Dawang (played by Huang Bo) who wants to train his son Ren Xiaotian (played by Rong Zishan), who likes astronomy, into a pianist, and the two continue to "fight".

The mysterious alien Mozart appeared unexpectedly to help Xiaotian and his father "fight wit", but Mozart seemed to have another mission when he came to earth... The movie "Mozart in Outer Space" was filmed by IMAX cameras throughout the whole process. "The new themed films created after the series will bring you a refreshing viewing experience.

  At the same time as the official announcement was finalized, the film also released a preview of the "Celebrity Falling from the Sky" version and a poster of the "Cute Friends in Space" version.

The trailer unveiled the mystery of the alien friend "Mozart". It looks like a cute panda, full of cuteness, and the shape is full of joy, and the two leading actors get along with each other. The relationship between father and son is quite interesting.

  Imaginative fantasy settings, imaginative pictures, visual effects in a fairy tale atmosphere, and the battle of wits between father and son... These elements make people look forward to the film.

At that time, you might as well walk into the theater and start a new fantasy journey with the protagonist.