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Ça va s'clairer

by Katrin Acou-Bouaziz, published on March 8, 2022 by Éditions Ifimes.

His favorite quote:

“My lover does not understand anything.

This strategy of anguish which consists in letting oneself be invaded by fear until possessing it, dominating it, smashing it into pieces.

When you are on the ground, you no longer fear falling.

Here I am on the ground.

With my hope all the same in secret but very far very deep so that he doesn't see himself.

No one must know.


Why this book?

  • Because we are the links that we build

    with our childhood, our memories and those around us and the author seems to warn us: if we forget, we are no more... Eleven stories to remind us of the importance of life's journey.

  • Because it is a delicate, almost confidential writing

    that seduces us with little stories that tell our emotions.

    But there is also humor with the irresistible story of a pregnant woman who would like to succeed in a niche before giving birth.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

Eleven stories, some moving, funny or dark.

Eleven stories of women and men who maintain a special link with the past and memories so as simply not to forget who they are.


A suburban doctor, a pregnant woman and her driving instructor, a little girl playing cards with her grandfather, a young woman and her father...


Paris, Brittany.

The time.


The author.

Journalist for Parents


, Katrin Acou-Bouaziz has published several books dealing with pregnancy and parenthood.

She signs with Infimes, her first collection of short stories.

This book was read

touched by the tone almost of the confidence of the eleven stories proposed.

Katrin Acou-Bouaziz masters the narration of feelings.

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