In response to the growing seriousness of cybercrime, the National Police Agency has decided to send a staff member specializing in cyber investigations to the Europol-European Criminal Police Organization for the first time to strengthen cooperation with countries around the world.

With regard to cybercrime, the damage has spread across countries and criminal groups have become multinational, and in particular, there are a series of malicious methods of demanding a ransom with a computer virus called "ransomware."

The National Police Agency has decided to send specialized staff to the Europol-European Criminal Police Agency, which is headquartered in the Netherlands, saying that sharing information obtained by investigative agencies in each country is indispensable for strengthening cyber investigations. ..

This is the first time that a staff member has been dispatched to Europole in the cyber field, and a highly knowledgeable person will stay in the field to coordinate with Japan and participate in investigations by multiple countries. increase.

The National Police Agency has been strengthening the system by establishing a new cyber police station from April, and Kazuo Ohashi, chief of the cyber planning section, said, "By building a strong relationship of trust with institutions in each country, it is more international than ever. I hope that the investigation will progress. "