China News Service, Guangzhou, May 23 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​The Guangdong Meteorological Bureau announced on the 23rd that thunderstorms will be frequent in the province in the next few days. Among them, there will be (thunder) showers in most parts of the province from 24 to 26. Heavy rain, the province needs to prevent the impact of lightning and short-term heavy rainfall.

  On the morning of the 23rd, many places in Guangdong experienced heavy rainfall during the rush hour.

Among them, cities and counties in western Guangdong and northern Guangdong were affected by precipitation echoes. This morning, Wuchuan once issued an orange rainstorm warning, Huazhou issued a heavy rain yellow warning, and Deqing also issued a heavy fog yellow warning.

  According to the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau, from the daytime on the 22nd to the morning of the 23rd, (thunder) showers have occurred in most cities and counties in the province. Among them, there have been moderate to heavy rains in Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Zhanjiang, southern Maoming, western Yangjiang, and northern Foshan. Heavy rain or heavy rain.

  According to meteorological and hydrological monitoring, from 8:00 on the 22nd to 8:00 on the 23rd, 3 towns and streets recorded heavy rains of more than 100 mm, 30 towns and streets recorded heavy rains of 50 mm to 100 mm, and 159 towns and streets recorded heavy rain 25mm to 50mm of heavy rain.

Among them, the towns and streets with the largest rainfall in each city are: 159 mm in Huangpo Town, Wuchuan City, Zhanjiang, 71.5 mm in Bajia Town, Yangchun City, Yangjiang, 70 mm in Wushan Town, Lechang City, Shaoguan, 65.5 mm in Liangguang Town, Huazhou City, Maoming, etc.

  The Guangzhou Meteorological Bureau analyzed that the city will be cloudy with thunderstorms and local heavy rain on the 24th; on the 25th, there will be moderate rain and local heavy rain; on the 26th, it will be cloudy to cloudy with moderate thunderstorms and local heavy rain.

Thunderstorms will be more frequent in the city in the next few days, and people need to prevent disasters caused by local lightning and short-term heavy rainfall.