Osaka's original standard "Osaka model" that shows the alert status of the new corona.

From the 23rd, it turned green to indicate that the alert was released.

Requests for the number of people and time restrictions for restaurants certified by the prefecture will be lifted for the first time in a year and a half.

How do people in the city and restaurants take it?

Restrictions lifted for the first time in a year and a half

Osaka Prefecture has requested restaurants in the prefecture to limit the time to about 2 hours for up to 4 people at the same table.

However, the number of newly infected people is not increasing, and the infection has been relatively calm, so the stores certified by the prefecture were canceled from the 23rd.

It is the first time in a year and a half that the request for restrictions on restaurants has disappeared.

In addition, the original standard "Osaka model" that indicates the alert level based on the number of infected people and the usage rate of beds has also changed from "yellow" that indicates alert to "green" that cancels alert.

At the foot of the symbol of Osaka ...

At Tsutenkaku, the symbol of Osaka, we have been telling the alert situation by lighting up "red" and "yellow", but it will be "green" for the first time in about 7 months from tonight.

Tsutenkaku tourists are gradually returning, and from around the Golden Week holidays, Japanese tourists visiting Tsutenkaku have recovered to the same level as before Corona.

Takamitsu Takai, president of Tsutenkaku Tourism, said, "We can finally turn on the'green'. Inbound tourists have not returned yet, but we will continue to work on infection control measures and expect to resume accepting foreign tourists." I'm talking.

Will customers come back ...

A new world where restaurants are lined up at the knees of Tsutenkaku.

While the yellow and red lights of Tsutenkaku, which match the alert level of the Osaka model, convey a sense of crisis, local restaurants have raised concerns that the entire city may be perceived as a negative impression. Says.

Due to the Korona-ka, the number of customers was far away, and some restaurants were forced to close or were closed for a while.

When I asked the people in the town about the cancellation of the request from the prefecture to restaurants this time ...

Male in his 50s "I hadn't had a drinking party for a long time, so I had a birthday party with about eight family members. I want to do it. ”

Male in his 40s“ Even if the restrictions are relaxed, it feels strange to immediately participate in a drinking party with a large number of people. ”

Drinking party that changes due to Korona-ka

Studies have shown that the number of people who have stopped attending drinking parties due to the Korona-ka has increased significantly.

This survey was conducted by the IT company "LASSIC" based in Tokyo and other areas on the Internet last August, targeting a total of 1035 people in their 20s and 60s nationwide.

According to this, the percentage of those who answered that they would not participate in the drinking party was ▼

24% for men and

32% for ▽ women

before the spread of the new corona infection , while ▼


in Korona-ka.

58% and

▽ women are 66%, which means that the number has more than doubled.

Also, when asked if they would like to return the frequency of drinking parties to the front of the corona after the end of the new corona,

▼ "I want to return" and "I would rather return" were

▽ males 40% and

▽ females 35%. ,

▼ "I don't want to return" "I don't want to return"

is 33% for men,

▽ 31% for women,

▼ "Do not participate in drinking party"

is 25% for men,

33% for women

have become.

Regarding this, the IT company that conducted the survey said, "Drinking parties have merits such as being able to interact with people who are not involved in normal work, but some people may feel pain and stress, so communication with Korona-ka I think the way it should be is being reviewed. "

What it will be?

beer garden

When the temperature rises, the beer garden is crowded with people in search of beer.

However, even if the restriction request is lifted at the beer garden in Umeda, Osaka, the infection control measures such as table layout and acrylic board will continue as before.

Even today on the first day when the restrictions were lifted, a group of a few people stood out as customers who visited the store.

Tetsuya Naganuma, Deputy Manager of Craft Beer Garden, said, "The limit of four people, the time limit, it will remain in the corner of my head, and it will not change so soon. The food and drink industry has been tough so far, so I hope the atmosphere will change. , There is no choice but to change little by little while continuing infection control measures. "

There are no restrictions on the number of people at certified stores, but the stores seem to take it calmly.

This release is based on the characteristics of the Omicron strain, which is less likely to become severe, so please be careful and enjoy the infection control measures as before.