Supercars and classic cars from all over the country gathered at Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto, and enthusiasts who own them prayed for traffic safety.

This is done every year at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, because the emblem of a cow and a luxury car, which is said to be a god's messenger, is the same, so a male son calls on lovers all over the country.

Although it was canceled last year due to the Korona-ka, 35 supercars and classic cars from all over Japan such as Tokyo and Aichi Prefecture gathered for the first time in three years.

After praying for traffic safety at the main shrine, enthusiasts moved to the parking lot, opened the door of their car, received a priest's priesthood, and cleaned the supercar.

A man in his 50s in Nara Prefecture said, "I'm in a car that stands out, so I'd like to keep traffic safety as a sample of other cars and drive so as not to betray God."

Atsushi Nishikawa, the caller, said, "I think that the feelings of each person are the most important for traffic safety. It was a good opportunity for everyone to get together and reaffirm traffic safety."