• Ruben Ostlund signs a film as caustic as it is ferocious with "Without Filter".

  • This satire could seduce the jury of Vincent Lindon.

  • The Swedish director already knows where he would place his trophy if he gets it.

The Swedish director Ruben Ostlund, who came to present

Without Filter

in competition at Cannes, is fearless but he has a sense of humor.

"I think I could very well get used to the idea of ​​receiving a second Palme d'Or even if I don't dare think about it too much," he confides mischievously to

20 Minutes


He had already received one for

The Square

in 2018.

Without filter

could really amuse the jury chaired by Vincent Lindon.

This fierce satire speaks of influencers, fashion, social classes but above all money with a joyful ferocity.

You have to have a good heart for certain sequences, but that's also what makes the director so charming.

He returns to the Croisette for the fifth time, very relaxed.

"It's fun as hell to be here with everyone from the cinema who can see your work," he admits.

How not to want to go to Cannes?


Projects for the Palme

Ruben Ostlund does not hesitate to admit that he writes his films with the Cannes Film Festival in mind.

“This was already the case for

The Square

, he admits.

It took me five years to write

Without Filter

by imagining the projection in front of an audience in evening dress in the great hall of Cannes.

I even sang the music » It is impossible to predict what reward this very caustic film, which was well received during its official screening, could reward.

As for Ruben Ostlund, he already knows where he would put his potential new palm: “In my 18-month-old son's room!

“He has definitely planned everything!

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