For Miley Cyrus, communicating with her godmother Dolly Parton is not easy.

Indeed, the 76-year-old country star has never acclimatized to smartphones and still uses the fax!

A shame when you know that the two singers have just shot together in an advertisement for the American telecommunications company T-Mobile.

“It was amazing because she was doing this for phones, but every time I communicate with Dolly, it's always by fax.

She is rarely on the phone, ”explained the interpreter of

Wrecking Ball

on the set of

Late Night with Seth Meyers


A high-tech godmother

“We use the phone, but she does a fax, then someone scans the fax, they put it in a text message, and it's sent to me.

It's still signed, ”continued Miley Cyrus.

But the funniest thing about all of this is that Dolly Parton doesn't feel like she's tech-savvy at all, quite the contrary!

“She also gave me a demo once where she talked about being super high-tech, but it was all done on tape, which she then records on a flip phone, which someone then puts on the iPhone. , and then sent to me,” she continued.

Well, Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton might save time by communicating by carrier pigeon!


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