China News Service, Huaihua, May 22 (Li Lin) On the 22nd, the first anniversary of the death of Academician Yuan Longping, the Hunan Hongjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government organized the "Learn Yuan Longping, Be a Good Seed" activity in the Anjiang Agricultural School Memorial Park.

At the scene, the MV for the song "Seed" in memory of Yuan Longping, composed by Yuan Longping, composed by Yang Ninghao and sung by Yi Yangqianxi, was released.

  Zhao Chengxin, member of the party group and deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, said that it is necessary to learn, inherit and carry forward the "seed" spirit of Academician Yuan Longping, and use the "seed power" to leverage the new blueprint for rural revitalization and development in the fertile soil of rural revitalization, and create a rural village for high standards. Actively explore the mode of revitalizing Hunan, Hunan experience, and Hunan path.

  Xiang Xiaohui, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Huaihua Municipal Party Committee, said that we must learn from Yuan Longping and be a good seed for innovation and struggle and climb the peak; we must learn from Yuan Longping and be a good seed of down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic; learn from Yuan Longping's noble qualities And the lofty demeanor has been transformed into a powerful driving force for entrepreneurship.

  During the event, everyone watched Yuan Longping's film, visited Yuan Longping's former residence, the Memorial Hall of the Birthplace of Hybrid Rice, and the Science and Technology Book Exhibition.

"Without Mr. Yuan, I wouldn't be where I am today!" Hu Shuanghui, chairman of Hongjiang Fengyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and developer of "Qianyang Shennong Yumi", who participated in the exhibition and sales of agricultural products, burst into tears when talking about Yuan Longping.

  He said that at the lowest point of entrepreneurship, Yuan Longping gave him the inscription "Dragon Royal Rice" to encourage and help him promote the product.

"In the future, I will be like Yuan Lao and be a good seed."

  Every year when rice and seedlings are transplanted in early summer, people of all ethnic groups in the Qianli Yuanshui River Basin hold a ceremony of "opening the seedlings" to pray for good weather and good harvests, and Hongjiang City is no exception.

On the same day, at the event site of "Opening the Seedling Gate", everyone went to the field to plant rice seedlings to experience the farming life.

  "This is the first time I have experienced rice transplanting, and I deeply understand the saying that 'people are like seeds, we must be a good seed'. We must carry forward and inherit the spirit of Yuan Lao's 'seed'!" One participant participated in the activity. The "post-00s" young people said.

  Academician Yuan Longping worked and lived in Hongjiang for 37 years, where he discovered and cultivated hybrid rice.

After leaving Hongjiang City, Academician Yuan Longping is still concerned about the development of Hongjiang City. He has successively endorsed Qianyang Bingtang Orange, promoted Dachong Jinqiu Pear, Tuokou Yangmei and other agricultural products with inscriptions, and authorized the "Yuan Longping Farmer Harvest Award" only to Hongjiang City is used to commend outstanding units and individuals with outstanding performance in all aspects.

  Xiang Qingsong, deputy secretary of the Hongjiang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said in his speech that Hongjiang City will inherit and carry forward Yuan Longping's noble quality and lofty demeanor, and build a "birthplace of hybrid rice".