Tang Wei's "Elegance"

  The new film "Resolve to Break Up" starring Tang Wei was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which means that the film is expected to compete for the Palme d'Or.

  "Resolve to Break Up" is directed by South Korean director Park Chan-wook, starring Tang Wei and Park Hae-il, and will be released in South Korea on June 29.

The story revolves around a mysterious death incident. Tang Wei plays Xu Lai, the wife of the fallen victim, a character who is taciturn and not good at expressing his feelings, with a dangerous and charming mysterious temperament.

Park Chan-wook is South Korea's "national treasure" director. His "Vengeance Trilogy", "I Want Vengeance", "Old Boy" and "Dear Gold" have been regarded as classics. He is also a frequent visitor to the Cannes Film Festival.

Working with Park Chan-wook had an irresistible attraction for Tang Wei, she said: "Park Chan-wook is really a master director, his things have style, depth, and are very attractive to actors. He is a go-to'." The person who digs' you, he is the one who doesn't care about your feelings and just takes his own things."

  Park Zanyu also expressed his full appreciation for Tang Wei in a recent interview, saying that "Resolve to Break Up" was tailor-made for her, "because I am a loyal fan of Tang Wei." Park Zanyu said that he transformed from Tang Wei to the role The most important thing in the body is Tang Wei's elegance.

"She was born graceful - you can see that in the way she sits, walks and speaks. At the same time, she has a deep dignity and candor. She's never afraid to speak her mind, and She is also quite stubborn." It is reported that the next film directed by Park Chan-wook has also scheduled Tang Wei as the heroine.

  Tang Wei's elegance extends from inside to outside, and from outside to inside, and this kind of elegance of the unity of human and drama is not floating in the clouds and unattainable, but down-to-earth and deep into life.

Tang Wei is an outlier. She has never been a person who lives in the hot search. Although she is in the entertainment industry, she is far away from Vanity Fair.

The sense of simplicity is what Tang Wei is happy to present to the public.

She took part in a variety show to flip through bags, which contained disposable knives and forks from the plane and garbage bags from the train. She showed everyone a windbreaker that cost 9.45 yuan to buy, and spent two years searching for old backpacks with broken ropes. The new straps...these all fill her with contentment and happiness.

After marrying South Korean director Kim Tae-yong, Tang Wei sometimes lives in the South Korean countryside with her children, where she grows her own vegetables and discusses with her husband how to water the pumpkins.

Back in Beijing, she often took her children and family to and fro between the Capital Library, the National Museum and the Palace Museum.

Chen Kexin, director of the film "Martial Arts" who worked with Tang Wei, said, "Among the actors I have met in the past ten years, very few people can maintain this kind of simplicity. She is very able to integrate into the local environment, so that you can't tell that she is A star."

  However, simplicity is not incompatible with elegance.

Tang Wei has not exquisite or even ordinary facial features, but the audience associates her with the "Goddess of Literature and Art".

In addition to the character's blessing, Tang Wei's own temperament endows her with this charm.

Lai Shengchuan, the drama director, said: "Tang Wei is the kind-she wants to be ordinary, so she can't be recognized in the crowd; if she wants to be dazzling, you won't be able to look away."

  Maybe elegance means laziness to some extent. Tang Wei called his state in recent years "hibernation" and "wakes up only when there is a role".

Tang Wei is not a prolific actor, and after giving birth to her daughter in 2016, she has few works.

In the past 6 years, only the movies "The Last Night on Earth", "The Whistleblower" and the TV series "Da Ming Fenghua" have met the audience.

When outsiders from the authorities worried that she would be left behind by the fast pace of the times, Tang Wei returned unhurriedly.

She said that she needs to spend a lot of time on self-cultivation and understanding her relationship with the world. "What I learn is life. As long as you understand life, you can do anything."

  Tang Wei once said a sentence that is widely quoted - "If you don't fight, there is also a world that belongs to you", and the second half of this sentence is: "But you have to work hard and fight side by side with yourself." Tang Wei does not go to this world Competitive, but she has been competing with herself, not even hiding her clumsiness.

During the filming of the film "Golden Age", she spent 5 months completely living in Xiao Hong's world, fully devoted like meditating.

She went to Xiao Hong's former residence to sit for a long time, put her head on Xiao Hong's bed and felt it; she read all of Xiao Hong's works and copied them over and over again in traditional Chinese characters; in the northeast of minus 30 degrees Celsius, she wore a single coat to experience Xiao Hong's cold back then , from the root of the disease.

During the filming of the TV series "Da Ming Feng Hua", she cried so much that she consumed half of her life. During the filming, she caught four colds and contracted pneumonia.

  Tang Wei said that she is an experiential actor. She never thought about how to "act", but just handed over her body to the character and opened her door to let the character's soul pass through.

"When I got the whole picture, I found that I fell into the pain of the character, so I'll climb up slowly!" Lei Jiayin, who worked with Tang Wei in the movie "The Whistleblower", described her acting as practicing "Seven Injuries" Boxing", this kind of person who dares to give up himself will spare no effort to hurt the enemy as well as himself.

  But every full-hearted delivery may not always be rewarded with praise.

Especially in "Da Ming Feng Hua", the audience clearly felt the difficulty of her performance and the mismatch of the role.

Tang Wei is also reflecting, why can't the audience of the performance that he worked so hard to see?

She began to understand that making movies and making TV series are two modes.

"Even if you blink your eyes in the movie, the audience will be stunned, and the way of watching TV series, the audience will not be so close to see my eyes and the tiny tremors of my facial muscles." She admitted that she was completely in the TV series when she was acting. A "rookie", "I used to be too tense and not objective enough. I must ask myself to live in the role. If I can stand up a little and look at the outside world, I can feel the performance more realistically. So I understand more and more, Relaxation and success are better for the show."

  Is Tang Wei a dazzling gem or an ordinary stone?

Depends on who polishes it.

Wang Jiazhi under Ang Lee's camera has undercurrents surging under his calm face; Anna's loneliness in the movie "Late Autumn" makes the whole world lose its luster... Tang Wei, who is unstable in play, sometimes touches the lower limit of his performance level, which makes the whole world lose its luster. People don't think so.

And when she hits the upper limit of her performance level, she is at a height that is unattainable for ordinary actors. This is why Tang Wei makes Ang Lee, Park Chan-yu and other international famous directors so attractive.

Ang Lee said that Tang Wei's performance was not particularly good during the casting, "but the look in her eyes when listening to the play, I knew that this was Wang Jiazhi."

  Liu Yuhan